What if your e-commerce search function could predict the wishes of each customer?

In sales, the keys to long term success always include understanding your customers, anticipating their needs and putting these in the right context to offer them products that meet their expectations. Thanks to the unique combination of a behavioural learning engine, individual search experiences and the configurations of your e-merchandisers, our solutions allow you to embed these best practices at the core of your online commerce, on the Saleforce Commerce Cloud platform.

Unique technology

Our technology is dedicated to business and has been developed to help you sell your products within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. By self-configuring and learning the meaning of each request, our solutions automatically deliver relevance

To go even further and adapt the search results for each individual, our engine learns the wishes, needs and preferences of every one of your customers, presenting them with products that meet their expectations. 

In order to get even closer to customers, and to offer them an experience that is tailored to fit the model of each merchant (e.g. in-store or drive-through click and collect, online marketplace, etc), our engine integrates seamlessly with your own structure, at the heart of your online stores network. It can also be configured to integrate with partners.


Introduce your customers products that match their desires

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Automatically bring relevance to every search

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Unifed sales

Leverage your store network to make your products more accessible

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Memorable experiences

You use the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

In order to provide your customers with search experiences that are personal and engaging, we wanted to go beyond technology alone by adding plug and play search layers. These layers are modular and are tailored to your business and graphic design requirements. They instantly and effortlessly provide a reinvented search function on your mobile and desktop sites. 

Your customers will be immersed in your brand landscape and will immediately enter into a modern, smooth and effective exploration of your catalogue. Whether they type on a keyboard or speak aloud, customers can find the products they want, be advised on how to refine their choices and be offered advice, guidance, inspiration and relevant articles to accompany them on their shopping journey.

Immersive layer

Offer a personal and captivating research

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Voice commerce

Give a new voice to your customers!

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Editorial content

Leverage your content to serve the sale

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Control panel

Designed by and for retailers, our business console will allow you to put your sales strategy into action, emphasising star products, promoting special offers, and highlighting your key brands

Numerous dashboards gather the KPIs and data necessary to understand search and purchasing behaviour in real time. 

We offer merchandisers who use the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform all the tools they need to drive conversion and guide the purchasing experience, from identifying areas for improvement and analysing trends to visualising the effect of promotions on sales performance.


Deploy your business strategy

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Access a wealth of data in real time

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A/B testing

Compare to concretely measure your ROI

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