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Immersive layer

For features to come to life they need to be orchestrated into an instantaneous, modern and effective search experience. To meet this challenge and to deploy UX search best practices on your site, we give you access to modular search layers. With the help of multiple combinable components, we configure the experience according to your sector of the market (e.g. add to basket, add to favourites, ratings, multiple photos, size management, prices starting from, etc).  Each layer is unique and you have access to multiple “look and feel” configuration options. Our UX team can also work on a customised experience that aligns with your brand requirements.

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Voice shopping

Human beings learn to speak long before they can write. Searching by speaking is therefore an obvious choice

Offer your customers the chance to free their speech! 

Our solutions include natural language search and offer products that truly match not only every search request but also the wishes and preferences of each person. 

Integrated natively into the search layer and available across all devices and browsers, voice search delivers an ultra-effective experience.

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Editorial Content

To support your customers in their shopping journey, you need to guide them, advise them and inspire them. We will showcase your content (guides, articles, recipes, trends and inspirations) to support your sale and enhance the customer journey

All of your editorial content will be made available, in the context of each unique search, in order to optimise the purchasing experience. Our AI algorithms will present the right content for all the searches of each of your customers

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[E-BOOK] Voice Search in e-commerce

8 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2023 and 80% of information searches will be by voice by 2030 (sources: Juniper Research & Study Comscore – France Info).

In this white paper, Sensefuel provides you with accurate indicators about the state of the voice search market and explains how important it is to take into account its impact on your e-commerce operation in order to fully understand this revolution!

Keep discovering new features!

Our search solutions are created specifically for brands and retailers. They include unique features that enhance the customer experience and improve sales performance, while boosting productivity and helping your business thrive.

Memorable experiences
Exclusive technology

Dive into the heart of our search engine! Discover the benefits our AI can have on your business performance.


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The control console

This is where you can find out how to put search at the forefront of your sales strategy, and  understand everything about your customers’ behaviour as they explore your site.

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