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Focus on relevance…

The algorithms used by our internal search engines ensure that results are a perfect match with the products searched for on your e-commerce site, without any previous configuration. They allow for typing errors, include your own extendable business thesaurus, and are able to handle approximations of words in any language used by your customers.

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Customer experience

but also on the customer experience.

As soon as the first letters are typed, Immersive Search® delivers results in just a few milliseconds. This speed ensures a decreased dropout rate and improves the conversion rate of your e-commerce site by delivering an optimal client experience.

All the while tailoring the results!

according to the behavioural profile of each of your customers

Richard, age 35

Richard testimonial

Richard is young, active, urban, and a trend enthusiast. He mostly wears denim shirts by his favourite brands.

Pauline, age 24

Pauline testimonial

Pauline is a fashionista, a fan of a more laid back style; she only likes wearing light, patterned shirts.

Optimise results without constant re-tuning

Our internal search engine adapts itself automatically to your product offering and to terms which work for your customers.

Thousands of searchandising combinations and tactics are tested every day to fine tune the settings and optimise the conversion rate and the turnover of your e-commerce site.

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Gain real-time visibility into performance.

Our search solution offers numerous measurement indicators, allowing you to track and optimise your results. These are also available during the test phase, when you can compare our performance against your current internal search engine.

And if you want to add a seller?

Discover our advisory approach at the heart of the search experience

Mobiles, tablets, phablets, laptop, desktop…

what else ?


Perfect accessibility on all devices

Our search layer adjusts itself to your colours and is optimised for display on all screen resolutions.
Looking for a custom made solution?
Yes, you can !

A large range of APIs at your disposal

We also offer REST APIs, giving you maximum freedom to apply our functionality by linking up with your applications.

Discover these features for yourself

simply compare our results with your current internal search engine.