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Episode #4 – Why starting with search can help you going from Monolithic Architecture to Composable Commerce?
Why starting with search can help you going from Monolithic Architecture to Composable Commerce ?
Composable Commerce is really trending at the moment. When you’ve got a big monolithic platform as architecture, you might wonder where to start the migration to composable and how to be efficient, not too risky and keeping control on the cost. Stéphane Vendramini shares his vision and insight to help you going from Monolithic to Composable by starting with search.
Episode #3 – Consumer trends and habits when searching for products on e-commerce websites
7 minutes to understand what consumers expect when they search for products on your e-commerce site:

What features do they use ? 
What are the differences between new and old generations?  Do they expect personalized experiences ?  What are the hottest new features for finding product? 

All these insights come from the answers of 1000 Europeans Consumer from France, UK and Germany and are ready-to-listen !
Episode #2 – How data quality impact your performances?

Data is the new oil and at the heart of the business model of the biggest e-commerce companies. In other hand, it’s still, in most of the time, perceive as an IT thing at e-commerce actors… But data quality has some important impact on e-merchandising performances and experiences!

Here, we give you some keys to transform your data, as a emerchandiser level, to increase your buying experiences and business performances.

Episode #1 – Hyper-personalising the buying journey

We lift the veil on how global ecommerce leaders use hyper-personalisation strategies to humanize the customer experience… And how you can do the same!

[EBOOK] hyper-personalising the buying journey

Through concrete examples from the world’s leading retailers, you will discover the benefits of hyper-personalisation for both the end consumer and commercial performance. You will be able to decipher the methods and approaches to hyper-personalise your shopping paths and satisfy each of your customers.