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The only Plug&Play solution which opens up the potential for voice commerce

The voice revolution is happening right now! By 2022, voice commerce will count for almost 40 billion dollars (according to figures from OC&C Strategy Consultancy). We have developed Sensefuel TALK which also allows you to access this new sales channel.


Sensefuel TALK

Seller behaviour

Our technology understands the meaning of each request and finds the best answer according to individual needs and preferences.

Sensefuel TALK

Plug & Play

Add voice search to your existing site simply by copying and pasting.

Sensefuel TALK

Compatible with your search engine

Our solution works independently and means you do not need to re-assess the word search engine that is already on your site.

Sensefuel TALK

Voice APIs

Take advantage of our voice commerce APIs to easily provide access to your offering via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa …

Exclusive sales features

We have built our AI to duplicate sales behaviour. More than ever, the goal is to offer products which work best for each individual and each of their demands.

Sensefuel TALK

Let your client take centre stage!

All your visitors will be offered the ability to interact with you, regardless of which device or browser they use!

Your e-commerce website can become capable of understanding each of your customer’s wishes.

Understand their buying desires!

Our AI was specifically designed with commercial logic. We wanted to duplicate the ability to understand and analyse your best-selling product. We understand customers’ intentions, their specific desires and, beyond what your customers can tell us, we will highlight the products that meet each of these needs.

Sensefuel TALK

Access voice commerce

Beyond the Plug&Play layer, you have access to our voice APIs. It is now possible for you to expose your product brochure to voice search via Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Siri, etc … Finally, you will be able to easily develop the “skill” or the “action” that allows you to sell 100% vocally. Our unique ability to personalise results means we can offer everyone initial results which are truly relevant and adapted to purchasing needs.

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An experience built for conversational trade

We have designed a voice-specific experience which encourages your customers to accurately express their needs and facilitates interaction with your offering.

Want toknow more?

We’ve created these resources to help you become even better informed about e-commerce search practices. 

Sensefuel TALK

White Paper

Voice search in e-commerce : A view of the current situation and future of this new revolution

Download here
Sensefuel TALK


Survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites - 2020 Edition

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