And if your search becomes more personal …

Offer your customers products that are truly suited to them.


Give your search engine the power of “one2one”

Incorporating individual requirements, being aware of the context, understanding demands and preferences to formulate a response – the most relevant offer has always been the Holy Grail of marketing. This can be a reality with our solution.


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Personalisation of the experience

Based on on-site behavioural analysis, our search engine predicts the most appropriate results for everyone. Products are displayed and suggestions and filters are offered, which differ according to the tastes and expectations of your clients.

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Relevance of results

Our technology was developed to specifically optimise product searches. Our algorithms allow for typing errors and make sure the most relevant products are offered to meet your customers’ expectations.

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More like a “sales engine” than a search engine, our solution lets you easily promote flagship products, shine a light on your brands, commercial operations, collections and innovations …

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Model APIs

Beyond the search layer, APIs are available which grant you access to 100% of our features – so you can build your search function on mobile apps, sales tablets, in-store machines and your website…

A solution that is exclusively developed for online sellers

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Liven up your business

You have everything at your fingertips for your search engine to reflect your business strategy. Schedule your business transactions, elevate key brands or collections, showcase products you want to sell … our solution has been made by and for traders.

Measuring trade usage and performance

Numerous KPIs are accessible through our dashboards. More than 24 months of data is accessible to measure and optimise the performance of your search engine and learn from observing the behaviour of your customers. Our CSMs guide you through collective data analysis and detect potential for improvement.

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Creating your search experience

Every brand is unique! Your search results page must also be unique to reflect your personality. With both our search layer and APIs, your aesthetic requirements and specific needs will be taken into account.



“Sensefuel’s advantage is that it enables us to put the right product in front of the consumer at the right moment, thanks to its abilities to learn about the tradespeople who use our website.”

Julien Moreno – Digital Leader – Bricoman France

Advisory approach at the heart of the experience

Accompany your customer through their buying journey, be precise in your answers, offer them recommendations which are tailored to their profile and respond to their shopping needs.

Want toknow more?

We’ve created these resources to help you become even better informed about e-commerce search practices.

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White Paper

Search – a matter for today and tomorrow

Download here
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Survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites - 2020 Edition

Download here

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