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New Survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites, 2023 edition

This survey, carried out in January 2023 with a panel of 1,295 consumers located in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, has been designed to provide you with the behavioural data necessary for a good understanding of the search practices and expectations of Internet users on e-commerce sites.


A personalised sales engine

We have created a technology dedicated exclusively to ecommerce, with the sole aim of optimising the online sale of your products. Our “one2one” sales engine makes it easier to explore and discover your product offering while taking into account the expectations and preferences of each of your customers

Today, search plays a key role in the customer’s purchasing process. Consumers are armed with mobile phones and want to interact by speaking as well as by typing; they are also increasingly impatient and expect instant answers to their questions. Taking these factors into account, you need a highly effective search function that will quickly present products that meet their requirements. 

At Sensefuel, our aim is to provide you with a relevance engine to support your sales performance. 

Based on understanding the meaning of every search and on the real time analysis of your customers’ behaviours, our technology provides them with personalised results instantly.

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Personalised experiences that captivate the individual

For us, search is above all an experience. That is why we wanted to go beyond simply providing an engine, to offer a technology with which you can interact. 

With modular and configurable layers, we aim to bring a fluid, elegant, modern and memorable search experience to life for your customers.

Our teams depend on UX design best practices and on the analytical observation of consumer behaviour throughout the purchasing journey. Their aim is to optimise search experiences every day, in the right context for each individual brand.

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A sales performance accelerator

More than 85% of Europeans say they are dissatisfied with their search experience on ecommerce sites*; the optimisation of these sites presents a huge source of growth for online retailers.

Across its customer base, Sensefuel achieves an average 35% increase in search conversion rates after the first month of usage – and more than doubles these rates in a year. In just a few days, thanks to a quick installation time and without need of an IT project, you can transform your short term sales results and satisfy your customers, guaranteeing their long-term loyalty.

*origin : Survey of product search habits on e-commerce websites – 2020 Edition

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