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The secret ingredient for consumer goods retailers

Give shoppers a faster, more friction-free shopping experience with a search function adapted to your sales policies and to product availability with search and product discovery specifically designed to address the needs of consumer goods retailers.

When it comes to selling consumer goods, differentiation is the recipe for success

In the consumer goods market, standing out from the competition is made all the more difficult due to the commoditized nature of products. Extensive product catalogs and constantly changing inventory add an extra layer of complexity in a sector where high frequency purchases necessitate seamless and efficient shopping processes.

Making the purchasing process as quick and efficient as possible, while encouraging consumers to make impulse purchases or substitutions in order to increase margins and average order value, is where the challenge lies. This is where optimizing the search function with the right features can be a game-changer in this sector.

The numbers speak for themselves

As an online sales specialist, Sensefuel has designed experiences and features to optimize purchasing efficiency and drive demand.

  • +53%

    Increased shopper adoption of search

  • 3.7x

    Search/navigation conversion ratio

  • 65%

    Contribution of search to revenue

+ 100 customers across Europe

Designed for consumer goods retail

From predicting likely purchases to even promoting your own brands, Sensefuel provides you with the search and product discovery features that give shoppers a faster, more friction-free shopping experience and allow your business to stand out from the crowd.

Why choose Sensefuel?

  • Enjoy standout features such as cart management, bulk selling, purchase predictions, local range management and brand-specific promotion.

  • Enjoy AI-powered search that can handle large and constantly changing product catalogs, making it easy for customers to find the right products.

  • Add items directly from results - by unit or weight - and give shoppers a faster, more friction-free shopping experience.

  • Individualize search results to offer products that match the customer’s preferences in the first few rows displayed.

  • Automatically adapt to sales calendar product availability.

  • Monetize your audience through sponsored search and retail media. Partner with brands and measure their performance.

Sensefuel's a tool designed for daily ecommerce activities and you can feel it everywhere in the solution. It's really easy to use for e-commerce users, quick and fast for our visitors