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A quick tour of the solution

Sensefuel is a search and product discovery platform featuring a powerful Deep Learning engine at its core, engineered exclusively for ecommerce.

Design individually-relevant shopper experiences that create sales

By creating immersive shopping journeys that are 100% tailored to each individual and designed to convert, Sensefuel ensures that you offer every visitor a seamless and pleasant experience that builds loyalty. What’s more, the platform’s ability to hyper-personalize the shopper experience at every step of the way removes friction and frustration, and boosts conversions.

Shopper individuality calls for hyper-personalized search

Relevance is subjective for each shopper, and identical search terms can mean different things from one shopper to the next.

That’s why Sensefuel individualizes the search experience and hones in on the context and intent of each visitor by learning in real time from every possible signal to create relevant search results that sell.

E-commerce tools that work for you

Sensefuel allows you to shine a light on the products you want to push.

Be it to maximize margins, promote given brands or even clear inventory, the platform enables you to easily tweak search rankings and boost or bury individual results to your liking, thereby optimizing real time listings in support of your specific business objectives.

Tweak the settings, and let it learn

With Sensefuel, say goodbye to defining low-level search rules and say hello to parameters specifically designed for your sector. Set the options and let the AI take care of learning and tuning itself over time so that you can turn your attention to the art of e-merchandising.

With Sensefuel’s specific business dashboards and customer journey analytics for e-merchandisers and ecommerce teams, you can gain greater insight into your customers' behavior, detect trends and opportunities, see how your campaigns are performing, and more.

Search results that are optimized to sell

Sensefuel’s platform is specifically designed for the needs of ecommerce teams and leverages purpose-built AI technology that is designed to help sell better online.

- Shoppers enjoy hyper-personalized relevant search results that draw on context beyond the search box.

- E-merchandisers on the other hand can rely on its ability to learn what converts best, and adjust to trends and changes to availability, assortment and merchandising without having to intervene.


  • Fully international and multilingual

    Sensefuel works in all primary Western languages, ensuring you rely on just one e-commerce search engine for your global e-commerce operations.

  • Flicker free

    Sensefuel is designed with web performance in mind and will not slow your site down. It offers a fluid, flicker-free experience for all your visitors.

  • No personal data required

    Sensefuel doesn’t require personal data. This means you achieve relevant and hyper-personalized results right from the 1st session even without cookie consent.

  • Scales up to handle your busiest days

    Sensefuel scales effortlessly to support the largest e-commerce operations, providing millisecond response times even on your busiest ecommerce days.

Get started in no time

Whatever the size of your team, it’s easy to get started and get results, fast. Sensefuel works out of the box with minimum configuration and no need for an IT project.

  • Import your catalog

    Step 01.

  • Insert the Sensefuel tag

    Step 02.

  • Start seeing the results

    Step 03.

One specialized e-commerce team

  • Technical Specialists

    You will benefit from the hands-on support of a team of technical search specialists who will make sure you hit the ground running fast, as you deploy and operate our solution.

  • Business Specialists

    Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will follow your business context and challenges and perform regular reviews and workshops to track and improve your business KPIs.

  • Performance Specialists

    Our team of search geeks and commerce freaks knows ecommerce inside out, speaks your language, and is passionate about search engineering. Their goal? To optimize and individualize your search experiences.