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Why Sensefuel ?

To be successful in retail today, you must create easy, intuitive and engaging experiences that set you apart. Anything less, you lose the shopper—and you lose the sale.

In today’s society, consumers use search in nearly every aspect of their daily lives, and have become accustomed to seamless and intuitive ecommerce search and discovery experiences. Anything less and they will look elsewhere.

Consumers want to be considered as individuals, and meeting their search expectations with unique interactions and by creating tailored shopper journeys is the difference between a successful conversion and a lost opportunity.

Elevate the search experience to lift conversion rates

More than ever, building a superior ‘search’ experience that converts more sales and keeps customers coming back for more starts with focusing on micro-conversions. Doing so allows e-commerce teams to better understand buyers' behavior, and optimize their experience for higher conversion rates.

Micro-converting through hyper-individualized search is how retailers will stand out from the competition.

The challenges of hyper-individualization

Search is essentially an open field. So satisfying shoppers’ expectations by providing hyper-personalized results that factor in context, intent, and individual shopper preferences is a unique challenge. One that epitomizes the shortcomings of a universal engine.

What’s more, the solution must address retailers’ operational needs while being simple to run, without impacting web performance by any measure.

Existing alternatives don’t tick every box

Whether it’s a native search engine, a best-of-breed solution or a general purpose search API, none of the options available today can claim to do all of the following; be sales oriented, give non-technical retail teams autonomous control, lower costs, minimize effort, and reduce time to market. It simply doesn’t exist.

Searching for the winning formula

Today, retailers are looking for a search and product discovery solution that is specifically designed to enable business teams to achieve their sales and e-merchandising objectives.

The winning solution must deliver frictionless, fully-integrated shopping experiences and hyper-personalized search results that adapt to individual shoppers in real time, anticipate context and customer preferences in milliseconds to show shoppers what they are looking for, be universally compatible, and be easy to implement and maintain with no hidden costs. No less, no more.

Introducing Sensefuel : Making ecommerce search personal

Sensefuel is a search and product discovery platform with next-gen AI at its core, engineered exclusively for ecommerce.

It enables retailers and brands to effortlessly boost sales and customer engagement, and to successfully deploy winning e-merchandising and promotional strategies.