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Ecommerce and merchandising teams

Create search experiences that are both hyper-personalized and differentiated. Lift sales performance by staging products and promotions in alignment with your merchandising strategy.

Search and discovery challenges in merchandising

  • Ineffective search experiences

    When customers struggle to find products easily the result is lost sales.

  • Inability to curate results

    Teams need to tailor what is presented to shoppers to boost engagement and achieve specific sales goals.

  • Adapting to customer demands

    Merchandisers often lack the insights to respond quickly to changing market trends.

  • Manual optimization

    Maintaining synonyms, filters and optimizing parameters requires time and skills that are in short supply.

Product search and discovery, uniquely made for merchandisers

  • Talk your customers as they talk to you

    Reduce shopping friction. Provide relevant and hyper-personalized results for every visitor, even if they make typos or use ambiguous terms.

  • Tailor and optimize your product display

    Gain full control and flexibility to showcase your products the way you want. Tweak search rankings, boost or bury individual results, create spotlights, custom collections and special events on the fly.

  • Steer your business and better understand your customer

    Sensefuel's AI learns and evolves with your shoppers' behavior and preferences, and adjusts results by seasonality, popularity and conversion performance. Leverage Sensefuel's analytics to detect opportunities, improve your strategies and to show your wins.

  • Save time and resources with automation

    Sensefuel's AI takes care of the tedious tasks of managing synonyms, filters and relevance rules, and automatically updates your catalog and search results. You can focus on the creative aspects of e-merchandising and enjoy a fun and intuitive user interface.

The Sensefuel difference for ecommerce and merchandising teams

  • Deliver hyper-personalized and highly-relevant product recommendations and search results.

  • Benefit from the power of an AI specifically designed to return optimized results, even for long-tail queries. No need to manage rules manually or to be a search engineer.

  • Leverage powerful merchandising tools that enable you to make your products and promotions shine without IT help

  • Monetize your traffic by generating revenue with Retail Media

  • Continuously improve your merchandising strategies thanks to deep insights into customer behavior and preferences

Experience the difference with A/B testing

Sensefuel delivers immediate business results with minimal data, creating a noticeable uplift. Measure how it boosts business with minimal effort on your end. Once you see the payoff, adopting Sensefuel permanently becomes an easy decision.

Get started in no time

Whatever the size of your team, it’s easy to get started and get results, fast. Sensefuel works out of the box with minimum configuration and no need for an IT project.

  • Import your catalog

    Step 01.

  • Insert the Sensefuel tag

    Step 02.

  • Start seeing the results

    Step 03.

One specialized e-commerce team

  • Technical Specialists

    You will benefit from the hands-on support of a team of technical search specialists who will make sure you hit the ground running fast, as you deploy and operate our solution.

  • Business Specialists

    Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will follow your business context and challenges and perform regular reviews and workshops to track and improve your business KPIs.

  • Performance Specialists

    Our team of search geeks and commerce freaks knows ecommerce inside out, speaks your language, and is passionate about search engineering. Their goal? To optimize and individualize your search experiences.