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The right tool for DIY & Garden

Easily understand the queries of expert and casual buyers alike.

Guide them towards solutions which meet the needs of their projects, with search and product discovery specifically designed for the challenges of your industry.

DIY has a language of its own

In a sector where the product offer is vast and the technical terminology is often little-known, matching customers’ sometimes far-fetched searches with precisely the product they are looking for among a seemingly endless list of references is a big ask for any DIY and Home & Garden retailer.

Your customers often search for solutions, content and inspiration based on “symptoms” and descriptions rather than precise product names. And with wide variations in sizes, quantities, packaging, and units of measurement, guiding them towards the product they are looking for is tough.

That’s why it is essential to respond effectively to searches that use expert or trade terms, but also to understand the queries of casual DIY’ers and to guide them towards a satisfied sale.

The numbers speak for themselves

As specialists in online sales, we have created unique algorithms that ensure the relevance of responses to the expectations and requirements of each person, in order to increase your conversion rate and to make your products easier to find.

  • +33%

    Increased shopper adoption of search

  • +116%

    Increase in conversion rates via search

  • 48%

    Contribution of search to revenue

+ 100 customers across Europe

Designed for DIY & Garden retail

Guide customers in their shopping journey with AI-powered search featuring advanced filtering and sorting options, natural language search to accommodate customers who may not know the specific product terminology.

Offer rich product information, images, and videos to enable informed purchasing decisions and reduce return rates.

Why choose Sensefuel?

  • Give your customers access to global or local views of availability, price and delivery options.

  • Deliver a search experience that brings together all the features so that you can respond effectively to specific questions.

  • Offer your customers local assortment management, semantic intelligence, search by brand, guided search.

  • Synchronize your catalog in real time and provide an instant result, tailored to each request.

  • Leverage aggregated content to offer customers inspiration, promote your services or help them in their decision making.

Thanks to its algorithms and machine learning, Sensefuel enables us to get straight to the point by offering the right product at the right time to all the craftsmen who visit our website.

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