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The perfect match for homeware and furniture retailers

Address both the rational and the emotional decision-making processes of customers.

Help them picture themselves with your products thanks to functionalities that support them throughout their process of discovery and choice.

Merchandising homeware and furniture is an art in itself

Giving customers a realistic impression of what specific home decor products and furniture will look like in situ can be challenging especially when product information and product imagery are unclear and inadequate. This can lead to high return rates with customers selecting products that don’t match their expectations. What’s more, assisting customers with guided experiences is made difficult due to the fact that personal taste and context play an important role when choosing home decor products.

In a sector where the decision making process is to a certain extent subjective, it is all the more important for the search and discovery experience to be optimized in order to support customers throughout their shopper journey and minimize return rates.

The numbers speak for themselves

As specialists in online sales, we have built functionality that supports your customers throughout their process of discovery and choice, regardless of their aspirations or buying behaviors.

  • +79%

    Increased shopper adoption of search

  • 3.6x

    Search/navigation conversion ratio

  • 48%

    Contribution of search to revenue

+ 100 customers across Europe

Designed for homeware and furniture retail

Sensefuel gives you full control over interface design and merchandising. Highlight delivery, pickup and payment options. Curate the latest trends. Give shoppers all the details they need to choose and progress their projects.

Why choose Sensefuel?

  • Give your customers advanced search and filtering capabilities for a quick, easy and efficient experience.

  • Help your customers make informed purchase decisions with rich product information, detailed imagery, and user-generated content.

  • Offer customers hyper-personalization and recommendation features that allow for effective cross-selling and upselling.

  • Offer customers all the purchasing and delivery options available to them as they progress their projects.

  • Put forward the latest trends and create the right ambiance to make every search an unforgettable experience thanks to Sensefuel’s business console.

  • Provide expert guidance with all the technical specifications and product details dynamically presented contextually..

  • Orchestrate your editorial content for every customer search to support the sale, and optimize the purchasing experience.

  • Easily deploy brand corners or special collections.

The ergonomics of the back-office was a major factor in the choice of Sensefuel, as well as the richness of the analysis. This is often what is missing in recent solutions, but that was not the case here.

Conversion Manager