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Exclusive core AI for ecommerce

Sensefuel’s purpose-built AI technology provides shoppers with hyper-personalized relevant search results that draw on context beyond the search box.

The Deep Learning engine, powering search relevance 

Our Deep Learning Commerce Engine continuously studies three distinct data sets to perfect its ability to produce the most individually-relevant search results.

By relentlessly studying your Product Catalog and all its data, your Merchandising Strategy and real time Consumer Behaviors with their ever-evolving trends, the Sensefuel AI strives to perfect your sales performance accordingly.

Nonstop performance lift

The Sensefuel AI leverages a three-pronged approach that enables it to provide superior search results that are demonstrated to boost sales performance.


The Sensefuel AI makes sense of search terms, even if you know nothing about the visitor.


The Sensefuel AI knows which products sell the best, placing them in the first results.


The Sensefuel AI takes seasonality into account, adjusting its search results accordingly.


  • Let the AI do the heavy lifting

    Sensefuel’s AI automatically identifies synonyms and alternative search paths, and intuits what filters and product groupings are relevant so you don’t have to.

  • AI that learns and adapts

    Sensefuel’s algorithms are self-optimizing. Not only do they react in real time within the session, they also learn from aggregate visitors behavior over time.

  • Searching beyond the box

    Sensefuel optimizes individual experiences in real time using browsing behavior and interactions with search results, filters and much more to infer the context, the purchase intent, and individual preferences.

  • Typo tolerant

    Sensefuel’s AI gives shoppers relevant results even if the query is poorly formulated, meaning shoppers are never left frustrated.

  • Ambiguous searches

    The Sensefuel AI irons out any search ambiguity and allows you to be relevant in all contexts.

  • Precise and technical

    For very precise and technical searches, Sensefuel performs just as well, delivering optimal search results.

Get started in no time

Whatever the size of your team, it’s easy to get started and get results, fast.

Sensefuel works out of the box with minimum configuration and no need for an IT project.

  • Import your catalog

    Step 01.

  • Insert the Sensefuel tag

    Step 02.

  • Start seeing the results

    Step 03.