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Agencies & Integrators

As an agency or integrator, we understand that you face challenges when it comes to providing the best ecommerce solutions to your clients. Sensefuel’s AI-powered search and product discovery platform can help you solve those challenges by offering seamless integration, easy customization, and the power to give your clients a competitive edge.

Search and discovery challenges for agencies and integrators

  • Complex and lengthy integration projects

    Integrating a search and product discovery solution can be a daunting task that requires considerable time, resources and specialist skills.

  • Lack of differentiation and customization 

    Many search solutions offer limited flexibility and not enough merchandising functionality needed, to create brand-specific and engaging experiences in every retail sectors.

  • Low customer satisfaction and retention

    Poor search performance and user experience can lead to dissatisfied customers, high churn rates and negative feedback.

  • Limited revenue opportunities

    Some search solutions have high upfront and maintenance costs, low margins and no incentives for agencies and integrators to upsell or cross-sell.

Partnering for enhanced ecommerce solutions

  • Accelerate your time to market and reduce your costs

    Sensefuel is quick and easy to implement, with minimal configuration and no need for an IT project. You can get your clients up and running in days, not months, and see tangible sales results faster.

  • Create differentiated and hyper-personalized ecommerce experiences

    Sensefuel lets you tailor and optimize the search and product discovery experience for each client and sector. Use Sensefuel’s powerful AI and e-merchandising tools to showcase products, deliver hyper-personalized and always relevant results in real time.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention for your clients

    Deliver superior ecommerce solutions that boost your clients’ sales performance and customer engagement. Leverage Sensefuel’s analytics to measure and improve the relevance of search results, detect opportunities and trends, and demonstrate the value you deliver.

  • Unlock new revenue streams and grow your business

    Sensefuel offers attractive pricing and partnership models that enable you to increase your margins and revenue potential. Benefit from Sensefuel’s retail media capabilities to monetize your clients’ traffic and offer sponsored search and advertising solutions.

The Sensefuel difference for agencies and integrators

  • AI-native search and product discovery platform that is specifically designed for ecommerce and optimized to boost conversions.

  • Deliver fully-integrated, blazing-fast, frictionless, and hyper-personalized shopping experiences that captivate and convert shoppers.

  • Access powerful tools that elevate product visibility and promotional effectiveness for each client and retail sector.

  • Enjoy a fast and easy integration process that reduces your costs and accelerates your time to market. SDK, training and support included.

  • Grow your business with attractive pricing and partnership models that increase your margins and revenue potential.

Get started in no time

Deliver high-performance ecommerce solutions for your clients with Sensefuel’s AI-powered search and product discovery platform. Boost your value proposition and revenue potential with a fast and easy integration.

  • Import your catalog

    Step 01.

  • Insert the Sensefuel tag

    Step 02.

  • Start seeing the results

    Step 03.