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Developers and IT teams

Build, compose and extend your ecommerce platform with Sensefuel’s search and product discovery solution. Deliver fast, scalable and secure search experiences that integrate seamlessly with any technology stack

Search and discovery challenges for ecommerce IT leaders and developers

  • Complex and costly integration

    Many search solutions demand extensive configuration leading to prolonged and costly implementation projects.

  • Lack of flexibility and autonomy

    You need to give business users the flexibility to create search experiences that suit your brand and business objectives, and to evolve them with new features as needed.

  • Performance and reliability issues

    You cannot afford to compromise on site speed, stability and security, especially during peak traffic periods. You want customer experiences to be fast and fluid.

  • Data privacy and compliance risks

    Some search solutions rely on personal data or intrusive tracking to personalize results, exposing you to legal or reputational issues.

Search and product discovery that empowers ecommerce operations

  • Swift deployment for rapid sales results

    Sensefuel offers quick implementation with minimal initial setup—simply link your catalog feed and add a JavaScript tag. It's ready to go with minimal AI warm-up time so you can see tangible sales results faster.

  • Full API access and integration for custom experiences

    Use full-fledged APIs to create tailored search and discovery experiences. Define your desired level of control of both front and back end integration while benefiting from advanced AI automation.

  • High-performance and scalable solution for any ecommerce stack

    Designed for top web performance, Sensefuel ensures a seamless, flicker-free experience. It easily scales for large ecommerce operations, handling peak traffic with lightning-fast response times.

  • Privacy-conscious and compliant solution for individualized results

    Use real-time interactions to infer the context, intent and preferences of each individual shopper and deliver hyper-personalized results. Sensefuel can be used without profile data or cross-session tracking.

Flexible and powerful APIs, for any ecommerce stack

Quick and easy integration? Or deep integration into your custom ecommerce stack? Whichever it is, Sensefuel provides you with all the tools you need. That includes powerful documented APIs that enable you to tailor the e-commerce experience you are looking to create.

  • Create your own search experience across all your touchpoints (websites, mobile apps, in-store kiosks, sales tablets, etc.). Tailor functionality and UX to match your customer experience objectives.

  • Leverage the power of individualization by exploiting Sensefuel’s capabilities throughout the site to increase engagement and conversion.

  • Aggregate product data from multiple systems and propel it, in real time, to your front ends. Use any number of additional attributes and metadata to improve the search quality and accuracy.

  • Connect to any customer data store (CDP, DMP, CRM, etc.) to feed Sensefuel’s algorithms and enrich the customer experience.

A perfect match for composable architectures

Sensefuel is also universally compatible with any ecommerce technology stack.

We’ve designed it to be a best-in-class, scalable building block at home in high-performance, composable commerce architectures.

Scales up to effortlessly handle your busiest ecommerce days

Sensefuel scales well to support big ecommerce operations.

Senseful ensures lightning-fast response times even on your busiest days. It is not affected by your ERP/PIM data performance either.

Experience the difference with A/B testing

Try out Sensefuel for a month without any commitments. Compare its performance directly with your current solution.

Sensefuel delivers immediate business results with minimal data, creating a noticeable uplift. Measure how it boosts business with minimal effort on your end. Once you see the payoff, adopting Sensefuel permanently becomes an easy decision.

Get started in no time

Whatever the size of your team, it’s easy to get started and get results, fast. Sensefuel works out of the box with minimum configuration and no need for an IT project.

  • Import your catalog

    Step 01.

  • Insert the Sensefuel tag

    Step 02.

  • Start seeing the results

    Step 03.