Exclusive technology


In sales, the key to success lies in understanding the expectations of customers and anticipating their needs. Our technology is unrivalled in its ability to reproduce this commercial know-how throughout your customer’s path to purchase. 

By observing the behaviour of each customer and taking into account all aspects of your sales offering, we are able to predict, in real time, the products most likely to satisfy each request. Taking hundreds of variables into account, each individual is presented with a unique combination of products which match their desires and preferences while meeting their specific need.

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The performance of your search engine, and of your website, are inextricably linked to their ability to respond intelligently to your customers’ requests. You need to present customers with the products that correspond to their wishes, even if the words they use aren’t the same as yours. Trying to manage this relevance manually for each request is extremely time consuming and unlikely to succeed. Every new rule put in place to fix one problem will automatically create another. 

By using all the richness of your catalogue, our engine automatically captures customer interactions on your sites, along with your sales insights. It learns each day, understands every request and automatically adapts its responses. This mechanism serves each of the thousands of daily searches and allows you to respond instantly to the real-time expectations of your customers. 

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Unified commerce

Each retailer is different. Whether you operate a marketplace with multiple vendors, manage a network of stores, or have pricing deals by location, you must be able to take the topography of the site into account when providing access to products. 

We model this complexity natively. For any search, for example: 

  • we can retrieve just those products that are available for collection close to the customer. 
  • We can also display the price given by the seller with the best performing product, 
  • or provide the lead times and availability of each product.
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