A console that puts retailers in control

Traditionally, digital technology has left retailers too far removed from the shopfront. Selling, even online, should be managed by retail experts, not technologists. 

We’ve designed our merchandising experience with the sole purpose of giving power and autonomy to retailers.

Make search technology the main tool of your sales strategy

Every brand and retailer has an individual sales strategy. This is shaped by the market, and the competitive landscape as well as by its positioning and customer offering. As such, it must be adjusted regularly. With our solutions, using simple and usable business tools, you’ll be able to arrange your shopfront without needing to involve the IT team.       

According to your current needs, you will be able to improve your stock flows, generate loyalty, optimise your margins, promote new collections, highlight your own brands and even promote collaborations and exclusives.

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“The ergonomics of the back-office was a major factor in the choice of Sensefuel, as well as the richness of the analysis. This is often what is missing in recent solutions, but that was not the case here.”

Conversion manager – Vertbaudet
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A powerful console
E-BOOK Cheat-codes for tomorrow’s e-merchandiser

In this e-book, discover our « cheat-codes » : some practical optimization on the whole buying journey. Trafic acquisition, highlighting your offer, customer experience improvment to the purchasing funnel… Get the keys to transform your visitors in clients and retain them.


Interpret customer language

The search box is the only place on your website where your customer can express what they want from your product range. By using our analytics to decode their requirements you will be able to respond to them accurately – as our customer Vertbaudet did, for example, by adding pull-out beds to its catalogue or by including the STOKKE brand after customers searched for these terms.

Additionally, just as a salesperson in a shop might guide a customer by rephrasing their question, you can also expand on known vocabulary to find the terms that most closely match what they were actually searching for.

Feature your brands and key concepts

In some areas of retail, consumers are more likely to search for brand names – where the brand has become the point of reference – rather than searching for products themselves. This can apply to fashion and luxury items but also to food, technical goods and others. In different scenarios, concepts and trends are the defining factors in the search for a desired product (Scandinavian style, environmentally friendly, organic, etc.) To reflect the unique characteristics of your product range and help your customers in their discovery process, you can even define the shops, concessions and capsule collections that will steer their buying journey.

Construct your sales promotion plan

Above all, ecommerce is about promotion! Campaigns and events contribute to your sales performance and mark the seasons. Each promotion and event should become central to your search function. Our console offers you the ability to effectively plan and orchestrate your entire sales activity throughout the year. Your special offers can then be presented to customers dynamically, according to your pre-determined calendar – and in the unique context of searches made by each of your customers.

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Continually optimise performance

The ability to closely monitor the different levers that lead to sales performance is key. How are your mobile sales performing? How do internet users search during sales? What are the behaviours of visitors who explore your site purely by speaking? Have your promotions had the impact on sales performance that you expected? These are all legitimate questions and finding answers for them is essential for improvements to be made. Our analytics, which are specifically designed to support retailers in their quest for performance, will provide you with these insights.

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Find out how Sensefuel can help you optimise your sales and serve your customers better.

A powerful console

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