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At Sensefuel, we hold the firm conviction that creating lasting value for our customers is the only way to sustain our organisation for the long term. For us, generating value doesn’t mean a visual gimmick or a simple technological achievement. The value in ecommerce lies in supporting sales through conversion, basket value and customer retention. Of course we believe in the performance of our solutions, but in a practical way. As experts in online sales, we know that every sales situation is unique. This is why we have chosen to offer Try before you buy when selling our solutions.

What does this mean? Quite simply that we want our customers to engage with us positively, having first been able to measure the improved performance that we provide, on their own websites.

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CARRY OUT AN A/B test WITH Sensefuel

To demonstrate how our Try before you buy approach works in practice, we offer you the opportunity to test our solutions on your live websites without committing any financial or human resources.

  • When you decide to take a trial with us, you’re under no obligation to buy. Plus, the use of our solution, as well as the involvement of our experts during the A/B Test phase, is completely free of charge – you won’t incur any costs.
  • With the support of a Customer Success Manager (CSM) you share your product catalogue with us. Upon receipt of this, we create your web environment and a few minutes later, with just a simple copy/paste of our website tag, you will already be able to perform your first searches.
  • Your CSM will demonstrate our control console and introduce you to the various features at your disposal. You will then be able to create a search layer that matches your individual brand and business requirements, without any intervention from your technical teams.
  • Our solutions work autonomously to initiate an A/B Test. We split searches evenly between your legacy search engine and Sensefuel’s. To measure performance, we are natively integrated with the main web analytics solutions in the market (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Content Square etc.) and also provide detailed dashboards to measure and understand the value generated.
  • During the 30 days of A/B testing, the CSM is your main point of contact. At the end of this period, we will carry out an assessment together which will provide a concrete understanding of your position, measuring the ROI.
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Take a look through these pages! Here you’ll discover how our solutions can be set up
according to your contextual, technical and professional requirements.

Try & buy

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Achieve an instant, fluid and modern search experience on your website, without any technical integration. Find out how!

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Integrate with our APIs

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