Speed up the purchasing process and create demand

When it comes to the food and consumer goods sectors, customers tend to shop more frequently, often purchasing a large number of items.
The challenge for retailers is to make the purchasing process as quick and efficient as possible, while encouraging consumers to make impulse buys or substitutions to increase margins and average basket spend.

The search function plays an essential role for our customers in this sector: 55 to 85% of their online turnover is generated by Sensefuel’s solutions.

As an online sales specialist, Sensefuel has designed experiences and features to optimise purchasing efficiency and drive demand.

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Consumer goods Food, hygiene & cleaning
Infographic The search features most popular with consumers as they shop online.

What do consumers want from search engines on Food, personal care and household e-commerce sites?

Over the course of a year, we analysed which functions were the most used and appreciated by customers in order to improve their search experience and better convert…

In this infographic, dedicated to the fast-moving consumer goods sector, you will find these observations in order to better satisfy your visitors with search engine features.


Solutions designed to meet the specific challenges of the food and consumer goods sectors.

Basket management, bulk sales, predicting likely purchases of products, highlighting own brands, managing local ranges… discover the features that make the difference.

  • Add items to the basket directly from search results; add by unit or kilogram, see items and quantities already in the basket… our search features have all the functionality to offer your customers a super-fluid experience and significantly reduce the time they spend shopping.
  • Individualising search results to offer products that correspond to the customer’s preferences in the first few rows displayed. Online merchandisers can influence customer choices by promoting own brands, new products etc. Sensefuel optimises access to products while constantly striving to strike a balance between your sales strategy and the needs of each customer.
  • Drive, click and collect, home delivery: your search function will adapt to your sales policies and to product availability. Everything can vary at for the point of sale or collection, according to prices, promotions or current availability, or even to a particular partner seller within a marketplace.
  • Monetisation of traffic, partnerships with supplier brands, and collaborations – you have the power to promote these activities and also the ability to measure them in terms of customer interest and uptake.