Sensefuel for the DIY and gardening sectors


382% Increase in conversion rate from mobile search in one year at Lapeyre


Understand the requests of the experts and help out the beginners

In the DIY sector, where the products sold are varied and complex, more than 80% of our customers’ sales come from search. To achieve this level of performance we need to respond clearly and rapidly to specific searches which use expert or professional vocabulary. However, it is also imperative to understand the requests of the less experienced users and to guide them towards solutions which met the needs of their projects. 

At Sensefuel, as specialists in online sales, we have created unique algorithms that ensure the relevance of responses to the expectations and requirements of each person, in order to increase your conversion rate and to make your products easier to find.


104% increase in search conversion rate on mobile in one year at Bricoman Find out more

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DIY Tools, Garden & Materials
Infographic The search features most popular with consumers as they shop online.

What do consumers want from search engines on D.I.Y, tools and gardening equipment e-commerce sites?

Over the course of a year, we analysed which functions were the most used and appreciated by customers in order to improve their search experience and better convert…

In this infographic, dedicated to the D.I.Y sector, you will find these observations in order to better satisfy your visitors with search engine features.


Solutions designed to meet the challenges of the DIY and gardening sectors

Local assortment management, semantic intelligence, search by brand, guided search… Discover the features that make the difference!

  • Click and collect, home delivery, deliver to site, etc. We give you the ability to make full use of the options offered by your network of stores or warehouses, according to the deliverability of your products as well as to local promotions or product ranges. In the context of each search and according to your own strategic choices, your customers can access global or local views of availability, price and delivery options.
  • Relevance and immediacy of result; help in expressing a search requirement; dynamic assistance with selection; automatic and individualised application of the selection criteria relating to each product search…  The search experience that we offer brings together all our features so that you can respond effectively to specific questions but can also help customers to formulate their questions.
  • Millions of SKUs, marketplaces, multiple product categories…  Our technology synchronises your catalogue in real time and supports very large volumes of data. It provides an instant result, tailored to each request, no matter what the volume or structure of products in your catalogue.
  • How to choose a lawnmower.  Floral prints are back with a vengeance. How to install an Italian shower.  Find out about our home installation serviceWe automatically aggregate your content and present it dynamically wherever it will support a sale. We do this in the unique context of each customer search to offer them inspiration, promote your services, or even help them to choose or to act.