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143% increase in search conversion rates in less than a year at Vertbaudet


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In the fashion world, online retail is complicated. Most consumers don’t know how to describe the products they actually want. They have wishes and preferences, they may want some new glasses, a pair of jeans or some sandals for the summer, but they are frequently unable to express their precise requirements. They have to be in front of the product before they can say “that’s really nice!” 

At Sensefuel, as specialists in e-commerce for retailers and brands, we knew we had to integrate specific features for the apparel sector into our solutions, which deliver considerable added value for the accessibility of your site and for your sales performance.

368% increase in conversion rate from search in one year at Damart Find out more

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Infographic The search features most popular with consumers as they shop online.

What do consumers want from search engines on Fashion & Beauty e-commerce sites?

Over the course of a year, we analysed which functions were the most used and appreciated by customers in order to improve their search experience and better convert…

In this infographic, dedicated to the personal goods sector, you will find these observations in order to better satisfy your visitors with search engine features.


Solutions designed to meet the challenges of the apparel sector

Presenting your catalogue, understanding the search request, guiding the customer’s choice – discover the features that make the difference:

  • Multiple photos, XXL size images, colour options, size availability, reviews and comments, etc. We optimise the presentation of your products to encourage a sale.
  • Highlight new products, showcase the new collection, manage your special offers dynamically, and report on unsold items. We give you access to a rich and intuitive control panel to power your e-merchandising.
  • Impulse purchases, user-specific search terms, the arrival of voice search… Backed by unique AI alogrithms, our solutions are able to understand any requests on any device, written or spoken. They can also anticipate preferences in order to guide each of your clients individually to the heart of your site.
  • Capsule collections, collaborations, exclusives, private sales or pre-owned…  We give you the power to pick up on trends, invigorate your sales and highlight the uniqueness of your brand and your products.