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You want to offer your customers a comprehensive search experience, reinvent the way they use the search box, or just give them a voice? We have the product for you!

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From 250€ a month
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Offer your customers the benefit of individualized search results. Let them enjoy instant, immersive search functionality so they finally find the product they’re looking for. Sensefuel Type provides you with the following features:

  • Individualized Experiences
    Search results that include recommendations, filters and highlighted products – to match the expectations, needs and preferences of each individual.
  • Commerce Deep Learning Engine
    Truly relevant results for any search, whether the request is expressed in precise, general or unclear terms.
  • Sellers & Stores
    Manage the marketing and distribution methods of your products according to your store network or marketplace model.
  • Merchant Controls
    Build your sales strategy into your search engine
  • Search & Conversion Analytics
    Benefit from 24 months of data history with our selection of dashboards
  • Plug & Play Search Layers
    Bring this new search experience to life for your customers with a simple copy/paste command.
  • User Rights Management
    Grant access to any employees or colleagues, and closely manage their permissions for back office functionality.
  • Discovery API (according to the plan)
    Use our API and harness the power of individualization to drive search and navigation (landing pages, product carousel…) on your e-commerce sites, mobile applications, in-store terminals or tablets…
  • Catalog API (option)
    Synchronise your product catalogue in real time, update your prices on demand and manage partial updates easily.

“Thanks to its algorithm and machine learning, Sensefuel enables us to get straight to the point by offering the right product at the right time to all the craftsmen who visit our website.”

Digital leader
From 750€ a month
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Remove the obstacles that hold your customers back. Give them an unrestricted search experience, whether they are typing or speaking. Offer each customer products that correspond with what they want to buy.

Sensefuel Max provides the benefit of all the features of Sensefuel TYPE, plus:

  • Voice Search
    Offer your customers the chance to search simply by talking. Our dedicated AI understands requests in naturally spoken language and adjusts its responses to the needs and demands of each individual.
  • Editorial Content
    Provide the optimal experience by intelligently presenting content (articles, recipes, guides, etc) to help the sales process and support your customers in their purchase.
  • Hybrid Search Experience
    Sensefuel Max benefits from a search layer designed for a hybrid mix of search methods (text/voice) and the implementation of true conversational ecommerce. The platform guides your customers through their journey and asks them questions in order to understand their wishes and smooth the path to purchase.
  • Enhanced Merchandising
    Enjoy more opportunities to highlight your brands, ranges, product selections and promotions.
  • Home Page Search
    Even before your customers start searching, you can provide them with search suggestions, products and categories relevant to their purchasing preferences.

[E-book] “Using search to boost sales in ecommerce.”

The e-commerce search engine is a powerful conversion tool… if you choose it well!

In this e-book, you will discover why it is essential, in order to choose your internal search engine correctly, to consider its capacity to convert to: Understand typed words, Take into account the context of the search, Interpret what the customer is really looking for, Meet the challenge of relevance, Help the customer to explore the site, Guiding the customer to the right product