Sensefuel for the technical goods sector

Help customers to choose the right product

The online world of technical goods is littered with almost meaningless photographs that accompany product information. One washing machine looks very much like another. The challenge for online retailers is how to replicate the expertise of the real-life sales assistant you might ask to help your customer choose a tennis racket or a Bluetooth speaker.

At Sensefuel, as online sales specialists, we have designed search experiences that help customers make purchasing decisions, asking them structured questions and guiding them to the product that matches their expectations.

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Technical goods Entertainment, sport, electrical & hi tech
Infographic The search features most popular with consumers as they shop online.

What do consumers want from search engines on entertainment, sport, electrical and Hi Tech e-commerce sites?

Over the course of a year, we analysed which functions were the most used and appreciated by customers in order to improve their search experience and better convert…

In this infographic, dedicated to the technical goods sector, you will find these observations in order to better satisfy your visitors with search engine features.


Solutions designed to meet the challenges of the technical goods sector

Dynamic and personalised filters, offering advice, accurate results, serving the best content… Discover the features that make the difference

  • Whether it’s screen size, weight, or pronation-fixing shoes, we use the full richness of your catalogue to ensure that every customer can see the product attributes that match their individual needs.
  • An anatomical bridle, the best tennis racket for your spin style or a 14-inch laptop… Our search algorithms ensure that all your data is used intelligently to respond effectively to specific requests.
  • Buying guides, comparisons and product information… we present the right content to the customer throughout the purchasing process to support the sale and provide the necessary advice to help the customer make the right choice.
  • Results in list form, rich product thumbnails – our search layers make all product features visible in a structured way that helps the customer through the purchasing process.