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Bricoman has made the user experience smoother and more efficient, by speeding up the time it takes craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts to find products on its e-commerce site.

Key benefits

  • 92%

    Increased search conversion rate

  • 42%

    Increase in the number of searches per visit in one year

  • 4x

    Search vs. browse conversion ratio

  • 32%

    Increase in search usage rates

  • 104%

    Increase mobile search conversion rates

The reference brand for professionals

Bricoman is the place to go for professionals who build, renovate and maintain, with a wide range of tools, materials and services. Founded in 1998, Bricoman now has 38 stores.

Exploring Upgrades to Search

Bricoman noticed that visitors to its e-commerce site were almost systematically passing through the search engine.

One of Bricoman's biggest challenges was to focus on the search engine in order to optimize its craftsmen's digital ecosystem.

The challenges of this project were to bring efficiency and fluidity to the user experience, as well as speed of access to products. Indeed, the craftsmen who visit the site have precise expectations concerning specific products sold by the brand.

Sensefuel: a Promising alternative

During the A/B test carried out at Bricoman, the company quickly saw the benefits, with a 21% increase in the search engine's conversion rate.

Subsequently, Bricoman achieved a much better ROI than with its previous search engine, which required a great deal of daily maintenance (updates, development, etc.). Sales performance was now on the up!

Time to market

The notion of Time to Market was obviously a major strategic factor for Bricoman, and the company was determined to act quickly. The aim: to create a link between the craftsman and the company in an omnichannel system, and to convey the image of a company at the cutting edge of innovation, demonstrating its efficiency in digitalizing sales. The solution's ability to be implemented by tag was the perfect answer to this challenge.

On the data side, the brand gathers much more information than before, enabling it to communicate more rapidly with product managers, for example, by providing them with information on seasonality or product performance.

Thanks to its algorithms and machine learning, Sensefuel enables us to get straight to the point by offering the right product at the right time to all the craftsmen who visit our website.

Leader Digital


Next Step

Now, Bricoman wants to provide the search engine with even more data, so as to go even further in the personalization of the customer journey and in the one2one relationship.

Following these positive results, new projects are underway. Bricoman would like to offer its craftsmen artisans with a mobile application, and is also planning to roll out the search engine the international market.